Did Funk Flex Take A Shot At Cardi B?


Funk Flex says that the rappers with the least amount of talent are always those talking the most shhh.

(AllHipHop Rumors) As you know your favorite DJ [insert sarcasm] Funk Flex has a serious issue with rappers who don't write their own rhymes.

It seems like everyday he's on social media waging a war against one rapper or another, and now he's back firing shots at those who use ghostwriters!

Most felt like he recently took a shot at Cardi B since there has been much speculation about others allegedly ghostwriting her hit "Bodak Yellow". Reps have come out and said that Cardi has writing credit under a pen name, but some folks still don't believe she wrote it now.

"If your a rapper and the one lucky hit u got u didn't write... shut the f-ck up... u don't count! Rappers with the least talent comment the most!" tweeted Flex.

In Hip Hop, to be crowned the best, or to even be in that category usually you have to be the one writing your lyrics. While I completely understand this, we have to acknowledge the fact that it still takes a bit of talent to be able to perform and deliver someone else's lyrics to the point that the rapper's song still becomes a hit.

Can you be a great emcee if you don't write your rhymes? Who do you think Flex was talking about?

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Talk about writing...learn the difference between your and you're.


he had desiigner freestyle on his show and read off his accolades before saying not just anyone can come up here


Does that apply for the DJ's with the less talent always talking the most shit...