Did Future Press Jay-Z Over "4:44" Lyric?

Jay-Z and Future's issues are coming back to the surface.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remember when Jay-Z said, "In the future other ni##as playin' football with your son" on "Kill Jay-Z"?

That was a hot line and a hot song! But, it was also a shot at Future. Before I continue, I think a lot of people forgot this moment. Back in 2016, Future made a comment about Jay-Z's classic album, Reasonable Doubt, that didn't go over well with a lot of people. "It wasn't hot until they (Tupac and Biggie) died," Future said about Reasonable Doubt. "Nobody really was jamming it. It's flames. Like it's hard, it's a classic, but I'm saying at that time." That may be true for Atlanta, but in the East, it was the exact opposite.

Fast Forward to 2017, Jay-Z drops the modern classic 4:44. And he has a witty shot at Future. Now, I always felt like Jay was striking back at future for those remarks about his "baby." We all know that album is special to Jigga Man, ya heard. Now, in 2019, Future is commenting on how he felt about that 4:44 line which is a nod to Ciara's marriage to a footballer Russell Wilson.

So, did Jay get pressed? I'm not sure. I am certainly interested in knowing the truth! At this point in Jay's career, I cannot quite see him getting pressed. I don't see him fighting anybody either. I can see the convo being awkward. So did Jay "pop sh*t and apologize" like Nas said?

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If you believe Jay-z apologized to Future over that lyric, I have the deed to the White House you can have for only $1G. LOL!!!