Did Gucci Mane Just "Snitch" On Nicki Minaj?

The Gucci Mane train continues to roll on and the ATL don..well...has people talking.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Gucci Mane’s new book is getting rave reviews and the man is really doing his thing. Like Gucci is winning. But in his book, like quite a few of others Rap Books, the facts can be seen as snitching. I have yet to read Gucci’s grand opus, but there are bits and pieces coming out already. Like the Jeezy part that we previously discussed. Remember that?

Me too.

Well, in other chapter, Gucci talks about an ambitious young rapper named...Nicki. Minaj, that is. And in the recollections of Gucci, he basically says she dissed Lil Kim in hopes of getting down with him. Now, we all know that Nicki is heavily influenced by the Queen Bee, even though she won't admit it anymore. Check out a little excerpt.

Does Nicki seem like a stinkin' backstabber or just a young woman full of ambition?

By the way, this is allegedly the song that started the whole beef. I don't know seems petty.

Anyway - the book is good. Click the link below to get a review of it all.

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how did this song start beef? im confused???