Did “Hip-Hop” Diss Craig Mack In Death?

When Craig Mack died, the condolences flowed in, but the funeral...not so much.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Craig Mack died. We didn’t want to face the fact that Hip-Hop and music had long moved on from the musical founder of the Bad Boy empire. That’s right, Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear” got it poppin for everybody - even Biggie. But, when it came to the funeral, it seems like that just didn’t matter anymore.

DJ Scratch posted something that has gotten people talking, because he said he was the more “famous” person at Craig Mack’s memorial service in New York City.

I ain't the type to tell people how to mourn, pay respects or salute a loved one. But...a guy like Craig Mack, you would think he'd get more attendance.


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In a second post, DJ Scratch let Puff off the hook.


You woulda thought Puff woulda showed up since Mack was his first label act. Niggas is a bitch!