Did J. Cole Get Punched In The Face?


This is a bad rumor so apologies in advance!

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know I hate running rumors I don't believe, but this is floating out there so lets run with it on a Sunday night. There is a rumor that J. Cole got punched in the face at some sort of undisclosed event recently. Take a look and you be the judge.

Now, I looked at it and could not definitively see that that was Cole World. But, here is why I don't think it is. 1) J. Cole has far too much respect for anybody to hit him like that. 2) If it was him, it would be viral and there would be more video of it from all angles. 3) Cole doesn't walk among humans that readily (LOL). 4) Security would demolish the dude that rocked J. Cole if somebody did hit him. 5) I just don't think its Cole, because I like the guy! Cole World is just too cool!

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Yo Illseed it appears you were in such a rush to post a BS rumor that you forgot to use correct or some form of correct English. Read the title of your post again & see if it makes any sense at all.