Did Jay-Z and Beyonce Drop An Album To Blot Out Kanye And Nas' Opus?

Did Jay Z and Beyonce intentionally wipe Nas's new album off the perch?

(AllHipHop Rumors) So, did they do it on purpose? This game is crazy and it looks like Jay-Z and Beyonce did the MOST! Nas's album, Nasir, was supposed to drop on June 15th, but for some reason the highly awaited Kanye-produced 7-song album basically arrived today. The moment it dropped, Jay-Z and Beyonce aka The Carters dropped their new album Everything Is Love. The opus has seemingly steamrolled over everything that Kanye and Nas just did. I mean....the memes are poppin' like Orvil Redenbacher, my guy!

Well, I can't find all the memes I recently saw. But we'll definitely get back to it. Nas is Jay-Z's former foe. Kanye is his former "little" brother. Beyonce doesn't like Kim Kardashian. Drake is on deck.

Bey and Jay basically did this on everybody's summer roll out:


Think about this for a second: Kanye was doing well on streaming services and it looked like Kanye, formerly called Koonye, was going to make everybody forget about that Trump stuff. Like a thief in the night, The Carters drop this album on Tidal! That may be the saving grace for Nas and crew. This Everything Is Love album is exclusive on Tidal. But, these guys are also fighting for press and that is effectively gone.


What do you think?

Here's the new video.