Did Jay-Z Get Punched In The Face In Atlanta - On Stage?

What in the HELL is going on when Jay-Z gets hit on stage!

(AllHipHop Rumors) YO!

There is video evidence and testimony that Jay-Z was punched in the face on the Atlanta leg of the On The Run 2 tour! What the hell! The word on the street is that two white men ran on the stage at the ATL show and ran up on Jay. They hit the god! Now, after it all happened, security was on it and tackled the men and stopped them from doing anything else, but the damage is done! Julius! Where were you, bro? Beyonce was not harmed, but she was on stage. I need them to get the guys or ladies that used to protect the Obama family AND HIRE THEM.

Some reports say that the DANCERS were the first ones to attack the men, which is oddly gangster! The Queen was not touched, which is good, but makes me nervous. Reports say Jay-Z's back was actually turned when it all went down so it was a sneak attack.

I blame Trump! I think this is the diabolical work of Trump!

Here is some video. Its hard to see if Jay actually got hit, but you can see the rush of the dancers and stuff. Those dancers deserve a raise! I hope they stomped the mess out of these dudes!