Did Jay-Z Just Hit The Billionaire Status First?

Has Jay-Z hit a the BILLI first?

(AllHiphop Rumors) Rappers are always looking to be the first "something!" Back in the day, people like Run DMC were the first rappers to do gold and platinum numbers. But now, things have changed. We are not in a footrace for those simpler things, because they come fairly easily. But, we are now looking or bigger things like..."who gon' see a billi first." Remember, that? Jay said it and now people are claiming it has come true. Is Jay-Z the newest member of the Billionaires Club?

According to Forbes, Jay is the first rapper that has hit that big number. Here is some of the breakdown:

Armand de Brignac champagne: $310 million

Cash & investments, including a stake in Uber worth an estimated $70 million, $220 million

D’Ussé cognac: $100 million

Tidal streaming service: $100 million

Roc Nation: $75 million

Music catalog: $75 million

Art collection: $70 million

Real estate: $50 million

Now, this does not mean that he has a billion in the bank, but is the full worth of his empire. I am certainly not in a position to refute the report, but I do question it. This is not hate, but I know that they are estimating the worth of a man that is very elusive about his money. I also know there are people that inflate or exaggerate their money to make said lists. I know there are some rappers, like Nas, that avoid the list completely. We know Nas is making that bread these days! Anyway, Forbes reveals some of which how they made this proclamation: They are “looking at the artist’s stakes in companies like Armand de Brignac champagne — applying our customary discount to private firms — then added up his income, subtracting a healthy amount to account for a superstar lifestyle.“ They also employ a "roster of outside experts" that help tabulate the cost. So, these are estimates.

Now, the report does not mention Beyonce at all. I would think that they would have both of them looped in since their finances as a married couple are seemingly intertwined. Let me know what you think!

Here is the full report:

I wonder what Dr. Dre, Diddy and all the other aspiring billionaires are thinking about this.

By the way, that article was written by Zack O'Malley Greenburg, who has written extensively about Jay-Z. But, mostly in an unauthorized way. That is not to take away his credentials, but to say that its somewhat stalker-ish. LOL!

Here is a book on Jigga Man!

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Figure what Forbes figured and figure more. Cuz they forgot to account what he did with the raw.

Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Rent:$100 rmillion a month Pg&e:$150 million a month Security:$100 million a year Groceries:$1 million a month Cars:$250 million ($10 million yearly service fees) Taxes:$500 million.


Where are this money coming from.. I want money too.. To join the billionaire gang... Lol


If he did Congratulation's if not yet then it's just a matter of time!!! I love to see our people $ucceed, the problem I have is other people putting their business on front street!!!! Whenever I watch The Breakfast Club & a guest is on there who just signed a new deal or got a new tv show/movie the 1st thing Charlamagne does is bring up how much $$$ that person got yet him & Envy who has $$$ never talk about how much they have!!!


This is the standard way that Forbes view all people's worth who make the list. And this is reporting on HIS assets alone. As a COUPLE, he and Beyonce made the Billionaire couples list 2 years ago. I understand being skeptical but, a little googling on how network is detirmned, would have revealed what I've just mentioned. There were so many times when fact checks (as well as spell checks) never came into play with recent articles on AHH. Now when it's something positive, the skepticism is at an all time high. Why can't we be happy for a brother making strides.... Or just not care at all... But this here is some slanted reporting that could be called an editorial at best. But as you said, no hate.