Did Jay Z Offer A Deal To Big Pun’s Son?


This would be extremely interesting. It is funny to see the OG’s mellow and mature.

by Houston Williams Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Be glad when some of these young dudes do that. But I digress. Back in the day, Big Pun and Jay Z had some rumored instances that may not have even been instances, according to Cuban Link. (Do you all even know who Cuban Link is?) Anyway, either way, there was a rivalry between Jay Z (The Roc) and Fat Pun & Fat Joe (Terror Squad).

Now, today we celebrate the live of Big Pun – one of the greatest ever. Today is the anniversary of his passing. Well it is only fitting that I heard a rumor than Jay Z may have signed his son Chris Rivers. If you claim Hip-Hop, you know Chris Rivers is nice on the mic and has been doing his thing for YEARS. Do you think he could have been scooped up by Jay Z? I don’t know, but Jay Z has been signing people left and right. This could really be an ill chamber for The Roc Nation family.

Check out a couple videos from Chris Rivers.



At the 8:22 mark, Cuban Link also clears up that alleged rumor that Jay Z got hit with a bottle at Club Carbon back in the day. There is another story though. Check what Cuban says. That rumor has carried on so long, we heard all sorts of different things. Interesting…