Did Jeezy's Artist Beat Up Boxer Adrien Broner?

Boxer Adrien Broner recently met his match at a Houston strip club.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Controversy always seem to surround boxer Adrien Broner. The athlete is one of boxing's most talented and troubled.

While associated with Floyd Mayweather, Broner saw huge success. The Ohio native would go on to become a huge pay per view draw.

However, he has been involved in many troubling incidents lately. Broner has been accused of physically assaulting a woman in Georgia, had his car shot up in Ohio while preparing for a fight and was later arrested in Kentucky.

All the incidents have helped derail Broner's once promising career. It also hasn't helped that he hasn't been a winner in many of his recent bouts.

People were hoping for Broner to have a career resurgence, but word is he was involved in another event in Houston.

The word is he was beaten up in a strip club by CTE Rapper Boston George.

People are saying Broner's antics finally caught up with him and he finally met his match.

It's crazy to see a once promising athlete's career diminish at this rate.