Did Joe Budden Drop Some Uncomfortable Truths As To Why He Doesn't Feel Bad For Meek Mill?

Joe Budden breaks down a number of ways Meek Mill could've avoided facing a 2-4 year sentence.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden isn't surprised that Meek Mill is facing 2-4 years in prison, and he doesn't have any sympathy for the Philly rapper either.

While Hip Hop and Black Twitter and Instagram are pouring out with support for Meek, many feel that Meek Mill has gotten way more chances than most would.

People feel that regardless if the system is unfair to "us", if we know that, then we should choose to behave, stay out of trouble, and focus on making money!

On Complex's 'Everyday Struggle', DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden expressed that they believe that this shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone, especially Meek Mill.

Apparently the judge is known to be strict, and she's been working with Meek on this case for a while. She even made mention of requiring Meek to do community service, and she popped up on the scene, and noticed that Meek wasn't doing anything.

While addressing the Meek situation, Budden took time out to make a big deal out of election day yesterday as he stressed that the local election is probably the most important as that is how the judges are elected.

He says that we can't continue to say that we have a problem with harsh judges and hash sentencing when we as a people will do nothing about it.

Budden says he doesn't see anyone on social media talking about election day, but everyone is talking about Meek.

Joe says that his Hip Hop response to Meek Mill is: yes the system is bad, and Meek is talented and he wants to hear music from Meek.

But.......... Joe says that as a black man, Meek should know that the system is watching him. Budden feels like the verdict last time could've been swayed because Nicki Minaj was in court testifying on Meek's behalf.

Joe says that when the system tells someone on probation not to leave without permission or notifying them, or when they want to see an artist use their notoriety for good, they mean it; the courts want to see the artists set a better example.

All in all, Joe feels that Meek knew what he was up against, he's been hanging around the wrong people, if you want to stay out of jail behave, people should go out and vote locally if they want to see change in the system and in their communities, the system is watching you so behave, T.I. changed up his act, so Meek should've, the black community should hold people accountable for their actions, and maybe jail will change Meek for the better.

What are your thoughts? Check out the video [8:00 mark].

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Black people are being enslaved internationally, but a black man who knew that he was on probation and chose to violate it and we should be sorry? Nah. Not happening !


I hope your kids die. When I said no white that's what I ment.
NO WHITE PERSON has a right to judge what being black is like
Who the fuck is talking about a judge.
Mr Parker. Remember what I said I hope your child get hit by a bus..


The judge was black you fucking idiot


No the injustice is ten years probation
No white person has a right to judge nothing about being black until you spend a life time being black.....


Dude gets special treatment 3 times on probation then he comitted the another crime ON PROBATION and then finally gets send to jail and black people still talkin about injustice. SMFH