Did Joey Bada$$ Convince Kevin Durant To Come To Brooklyn?

Joey Bada$$ Claims His One Of The Reasons Durant Is Coming To Brooklyn

(AllHipHop Rumors) What made superstar Kevin Durant jump ship from the Bay of Golden State to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of in the borough of Brooklyn? Maybe it was his main man Kyrie Irving who jetted out of Boston faster than you can say, “Uncle Drew.” Could it be that Jay-Z had some influence? Or could it be that he felt he could never get the shine that her deserved in Golden State because he joined Steph Curry’s team (Remember he and Draymond Green get into it during a game last season. Draymond reportedly said that Durant was a B**ch and he could roll out because they won without him. OUCH!) Until Durant tells us himself will never know. But there is one more theory that has been gaining steam. According to Brooklyn MC Joey Bada$$, he helped Durant make his final decision.

In the video, Joey claims that he’s like the Drake of the Brooklyn Nets. Joey claims that he not only the ambassador and but the “Durant” whisperer.

In the video Joey said, “I’m a season ticket holder but nobody knows I’m the ambassador dude. “Like nobody knows I’m talking to Kevin Durant right now.”

“I don’t know,” he says. “I’m just talking to him, that’s my man, yeah you know, East Coast is better, we have conversations like that.”

Joey kept letting it fly about how his position as ambassador is the reason for Durant coming and he plans to get some more players to Brooklyn.

“Just be cool at the games, you know, talk to the players and recruit other players from other cities maybe,” he adds.

Watch the entire interview below and judge for yourself.