Did Joyner Lucas Just Congratulate Tory Lanez On Victory In Their Battle?

Check out this vid and see if Joyner Lucas just willingly gave the battle to Tory Lanez.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am confused. Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas just battled. Honestly, I felt Tory won, but there are PLENTY people that felt that Joyner Lucas won. I am going to say that there is enough ambiguity in the opinions to say that its close to a tie.

This is why I am confused that JL repeatedly, repeatedly congratulated Tory Lanez...for what? Now the digital streets are saying that he was conceding loss! This is strange! He also says in the song that Tory isn't beating him lyrically, but in terms of songs, he's got that locked down. I must say as a true G in this game, he's confusing me.

I think this is similar to a pair of boxers hugging it out at the end of the fight and Joyner is just being more gracious. I also think that Joyner realizes that he continues to move upward and so is Tory. He's going to need friends and affiliates that can craft real songs. Drake is on a higher plane so Tory is a good person to keep in pocket.

Meanwhile Tory is claiming the win too. "I want to hand you this fat ass L," Tory said while smoking an L. LOL! Tory mentioned my guy's dad and admitted he was being mean. LOL! And then JL responded with the happy-sounding "ZeZe" with the calypso beat. But fans of Joyner are s