Did Kamala Harris Send Lil Kim To Prison In 2006?

A theory saying Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris convicted Lil Kim in 2006 is being challenged.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kamala Harris is a Presidential hopeful from California. In the state, she served as Attorney General until 2017 when she became a United States Senator.

Recently, her record as an Attorney General has come into questioning during the Presidential debates. Many people have been pointing at her record of helping to pass laws and imposing harsh convictions against African-Americans.

Superfans of Lil Kim have been attacking Senator Harris after footage of a 2006 BET reality series "Countdown to Lockdown" reemerged.

The series followed Lil Kim before she turned herself into a federal detention center. Senator Harris appeared in the series and denounced the "Stop Snitching" street campaign.

"What I would like to see in the way that we're handling cases like those of Lil' Kim, we say as a community that we're not going to glorify the gangster," said Senator Harris.

Senator Harris appeared in the series to provide her legal perspective, but Twitter stans have used the footage to impley Senator Harris was in on the Kim case.

Which is actually a false narrative because Kim was tried in New York for lying about a New York City shooting at Hot 97 during a beef with rapper Capone and Foxy Brown's crew.

Do you think Lil Kim fans and others will get behind Kamala Harris as a 2020 Presidential candidate. Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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Any black person that will support a proud prosecutor is an idiot. She proudly separated black families. Arrested parents of truant kids, held innocent prisoners until judges made her let them out, hid evidence from death row inmates. All this while married to a Jew. Totally f’d up.


This is an attempt to jeopardize her presidential ambition..



Folks are crazy....There might be issues working against KAMALA, but this isn't one of them.