Did Kelis Just Shade Nas & Nicki Minaj?

It looks like Kelis doesn't believe that Nicki Minaj's milkshake is bring Nas to the yard!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh!

Kelis is tired of yall coming on her page talking about her ex-husband Nas and his alleged girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

There have been all kind of rumors surrounding #Nasnika #NickiMiNAS. Lol Some say that the two have have really been dating since May, some say that they are friends with benefits, and others say it's just another publicity stunt of a relationship.

Anyway, Kelis let the world know how she felt about the situation by liking a very shady Instagram comment that said,

"Nobody cares for a fake couple that's trying to be the Walmart version of Jay Z & Beyonce....Go Kelis I'm proud of you & yourself your so drama free....so iconic fav idol."

Awww man, not the Great Value version of Bey & Jay though! LOL.

Did Nas lose one by splitting from Kelis, or was that the best decision he's ever made? Do you think Kelis secretly wants that old thing back? Is Nicki Minaj an upgrade from Kelis? Who's badder?

Y'all better stay off of Kelis' page!!!

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Trolls...guess they have nothing better to do than comment on someone's relationship. Kelis must be bitter to even co-sign that nonsense...seems she should be busy raising Nas' kid and spending Nas' money instead of liking silly post in social media.


It all looks staged as fuck... Feels like Nas is happy to play along with this utter bullshit... a Photoshoot on your birthday...... really Nicki.