Did Kodak Black Diss Lil Wayne And Then Diss Him Again?

Kodak Black wants smoke with Lil Wayne for no apparent reason!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kodak Black is special. Special has many connotations and Kodak is all of them. I am not sure he's all there, to be honest. Take this current situation. KB is accused of dissing Lil Wayne. At a concert, he said, "Where Lil Wayne at?…You f#ckin’ maggot. You should’ve died when you was a baby.” KODAK SAID THAT! It was clear and it was present! He said THAT. Check it out below.

Now, this immediately got the attention of Lil Wayne's oldest child, and full adult - Reginae! She stepped up in defense of her legendary pops! Wayne ain't even 40 yet and we are treating him like his close to AARP status! “You new lil rappers need to start giving props and respect to the Goat," she said without mentioning Kodak Black by name. "My father don’t bother nobody. He won’t even react to what was said. This man be in his own world so leave him tf alone.”

And she's right! This man must be SPECIAL as in special needs, because he said he wasn't dissing Lil Wayne in that instagram above. AND dissed Reginae! He called her Wayne's “bald headed daughter,” and then said some other madness. “I'm finna pull up on you and come show you some love” and then “Why would I want to touch Lil Wayne? He’s getting old, bruh. What I look like putting hands on Wayne. I weight like 180, bruh.” All of that is disrespect. I don't advocate clapping anybody up, but if they got clapped, I wouldn't care or hashtag an RIP. This is getting out of control.

Check yaself, Special One.