Did Lil Kim Hint At Forthcoming Collaboration With Faith Evans?

Lil' Kim recently did an interview with Billboard prior to her 'Lil Kim Season' mixtape release. When she was asked what sort of projects she's been working on she stated that she was unable to reveal that info right now. The interviewer went on to say,

"Faith Evans just announced she's putting out a duets album with the Notorious B.I.G. later this year. What are your thoughts on that?"

Kim replied saying,

"All I can say is... stay tuned."

Is Kim hinting that a Faith Evans and Kim collaboration may be on the way. It would be nice for them to sample Biggie since they've left their beef in the past (publicly revealing the fact at Diddy & Snoop Dogg's NBA All-Star concert). But wait, didn't Mama Wallace ban Kim from Biggie's musical estate?