Did Lil Wayne Wear A Dress On Jimmy Fallon?


Lil Wayne's breaking new barriers with his recent fashion choices!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Times are changing fast and that is the only real constant. I am not going to judge on whether or not we are in the last days or a cultural renaissance! We talk about the changes! The dude Lil Wayne is a straight-up pioneer, but are we seeing a new Wayne?

Last night, he performed on the Jimmy Fallon show and well, he had an interesting "look" - to say the least!

All this time, I thought Wayne was leading Thugger, but it was the other way around! I have looked at this over and over and it is indeed a dress that had pants under it. The entire suit looks like an older woman with a fashion edge.I think New York magazine needs to give him a fashion spread.  

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Shut tf up u broke. Hatn ass muhfuhccuh


Wayne is a Hot Boyz Mess lol... But hey maybe Weezy is channeling his inner Islamic garb... Islamic men wear something similar...