Did Lizzo Get Banned From Lakers Games Because Of Booty-Gate?


What you not gon' do is ban Lizzo! Read the rumor why!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lizzo has been deemed to be Time magazine's entertainer of the year! Are you not entertained? She has song after song and drama after drama! She cannot be stopped...but is one of the biggest names on the planet trying to stop her? Recently, she went to the famed Staple Center, the place that Nip had his funeral and she had her whole booty out. Now, some like me loved her booty all over the place and others didn't like it.

Allegedly, LeBron James has taken exception to that big ol' thang hanging out. The word is that she is now BANNED from the home of the Lakers! Would LeBron James go that far and ban the singer/rapper after she twerked courtside? Asschella or, what I call "Booty Gate," has taken a life of its own. Here is the official word: she has not been formally banned. The operative world is "yet." They are saying that she could be banished after the cheek twerk-fest fiasco the other night.

My opinion is that she won't get banned and LeBron never initiated her getting banned in the first place. I think Lizzo is just too big of a star at this point and she get a big pass. I don't know how people do it, but they do it well. Lizzo is one of those people.