Did Mary J Blige And Faith Fight At A Diddy Party?

Rumors are running wild, but there's almost no proof. Read up!

(AllHipHop Rumors) What is in the water? Last night, Cardi and Nicki got into it. And a bunch of other stuff like Mac Miller dying tragically. RIP. But, now there is a HEAVY rumor than Faith and Mary J. Blige got into a fight in the Hamptons at party Diddy was doing for Fashion Week in NYC. WHAT? These chicks are almost knocking on 50! Now, lets put this in perspective. Mary J has been around since the 90 as an accomplished singer and now she has added actor to her resume for "Mudbound." She even got nominated for some big time award that White folks respect. Faith has taken a bit of a different path, but she is still doing well. She's now married to Stevie J and they are known as The Jordans. I feel like this is a bit close to Jay-Z and Beyonce, but what do I know?

Now, back to the alleged fight.

There's just about NOTHING on social media. What I mean when I say nothing, I mean a bunch of hearsay or heresy! There is no video, no pics, no tweet rants from people that were there. There's no formal reports saying anything definitive. There are just people looking for the "tea" to spill. (Did I do that right?)

Most people are focused on Cardi and Nicki so that may be the saving graces of these two great women! I hope they can keep it under the rug, where dirt needs to be!

I am starting to wonder if anything happened at all!