Did Meek Fake All Those Stacks Of Money? A Company Says “YES”

First of all, we could all be getting Rick Rolled and trolled right now. However, a company that makes fake stacks of money is claiming that they supplied Meek Mill with the paper that was recently posted on Instagram.

I will say personally I am calling BS. I think these dudes are riding the wave of hate to Meek. Now, that said: I DON’T KNOW! These rappers are liable to do anything these days. So, a rumor it is.

A company alleges that they gave him the bucks to have that stack. This is like ghostwriting to me. You actually mess up your money telling people about it. I’m thinking this is somebody catering to the broke folk and throwing Meek under the bus. Meek got money and Meek got Nicki. But see for yourself.

This could be the work of 50…