Did Meek Mill Get Betrayed By A New Rapper?


Meek Mill and Tory Lanez may be on a collision course!

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know, Tory Lanez and Meek Mill have a song I love - "Litty" - pure flames. I think the song took both of them to new heights as artists, especially Tory since he's Canadian. They have performed the song together and helped each other rise. I am not sure we are going to see them perform it again, if the rumors are correct.

It seems like Melii, who I regard as the new(er) version of Cardi B, has jumped ship! Now, Melli is a dope artist, but she's a new artist. A lot of people got to know her when she showed up on Meek's last album, 2018's Championships. I personally got to know her before that, based on her own music being litty. Either way, it was assumed - at least by me - that Meek had signed her. I suspect Meek thought they were on the way to being signed too. Nevertheless, she popped up apparently signed by Tory Lanez!

Well, isn't this special. Now, he said "part of our team," which can mean a number of things. But, it sure seems like she is SIGNED. Needless to say, Meek wasn't happy, as you can see by the comment. WOW! Tory even gave the photog a credit! LOL!!! All I can say is Meek should have signed her before she popped up on Championships. If I was Melii, I would have definitely stayed on the Meek side. This puts her in the same house and Jay and Bey! Now, if the paperwork is trash, that's another story.

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I Dont blame her, Meek aint help none of his artist he signed to Dreamchasers, EVA!! Im waiting on that Philly chic, forgot her name, probably becuz ever since she signed with Dreamchasers you haven't heard shyt from her. Before that, you could hear her on the radio in Philly daily (Oh, its Lee'mazin)