Did Migos Change The Sound Of Rap Forever?


Migos and Zaytoven seem to believe Migos changed the sound of rap forever. Quavo and Take Off sat down with VLAD TV and expressed that they feel like they changed all genres forever.

by ClassicOne

Quavo stated that he truly wishes they received the respect that he feels they deserve. Migos feel like everyone is now rapping like them with the same flow and style. With their popular hit singles and features like Drake, they feel like the underdogs despite feeling like they’ve contributed a lot to music. They said that they must have something for Drake to rap like them on their own song (“Versace” remix). Apparently after Drake’s verse was heard is when others tried to mimic their flow by using the “eighth note triplet flow”. To change the rap game forever, it seems like one would have to bring something original. Many say Migos just made a flow that already existed popular again.

Did Migos really change the sound of music forever?


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Ironic that Quavo wishes they got "the respect they deserve" when migos don't respect the people they stole their style from.
As a matter of fact not only do they not respect them but they also take away from them by claiming to have started something that's been around for at least 25 years.

Migos sounds like a watered down, xaned out, generic version of Bone Thugs.