Did Migos Steal The 'Dab' From This St. Louis Dance Crew?


The dab dance has certainly taken the world by storm as everyone from artists and athletes to news anchors are doing it. With the dance spreading like wildfire the question is who started the dance? You would think the obvious answer would be rap trio Migos, but everyone doesn't agree. Bow Wow was relentlessly roasted for his explanation of the dab's origin. He stated that dab is a strong way to smoke marijuana. He claims the dance came from you smoking and coughing into your arm. Migos and other quickly told Bow Wow and everyone else that Bow couldn't tell anyone anything about dabbing. It seems that most have been under the impression that Migos created it and everyone else adopted the ad-lib and dance. A St. Louis dance crew, PHANTASTIK, begs to differ as they claim that they started the dance while simultaneously saying Migos are fraud. The dance crew says the dance was around long before Migos started claiming it. Do you think ATL jacked STL?