Did Nicki Minaj Get A Writer Fired From Her Job?

Nicki Minaj's latest beef has nothing to do with Hip-Hop and everything about a writer.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Something happened between Nicki Minaj and a writer of a website. Much of the evidence has been removed from the internet, but there is something in the corners of the web that I lurk. Here is what we know. There is a writer, who just wants to be left alone, and she decided to offer an opinion on Nicki Minaj's music. She offered that opinion in the open space of Twitter. In doing so, she got Nicki's attention and ire. Nicki proceeds, according to my intel, to berate the girl on Twitter. This then gets all the Hive or Barbs in tizzy. They start attacking the girl online. But, that was not the end of it. After the tweets are deleted, it seems like the girl and Nicki had words on DM. PEEP DIS:

Here is what the girl tweeted:

Thee girl didn't even "@" Nicki, but this is what went down in the DM, since the girl decided to release it to us, the horde.:

Now, the girl is a writer. She's not competing for wealth with Nicki, but it seems like that is Minaj's weapon of choice here. I am not sure what artists feel is worthy of their time, but this - TO ME - seems like a complete misfire of the brand called Minaj, especially when she is publicly giving away scholarships and stuff. Feels like a Bully tactic to me. So, according to reports, the girl ended up losing her "job" as a website that would seemingly prefer to maintain a relationship with Nicki than a writer. Business is business, and it aint none of mine. But it still seems foul. Like rotting fish.

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