Did Nicki Minaj Lose Out On A Major Opportunity Because Of Her Attitude?


Nicki don’t let Meek’s “L’s” rub off on you girl! JK. LOL. Sooooo rumor has it that Nicki Minaj recently had interest of being a judge/vocal coach on The Voice, but she supposedly fell short in securing the opportunity because the producers allegedly didn’t want her due to her issues at American Ido

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Word on the street is the producers felt that Nicki didn’t have the likeability to be a judge either. Apparently those that call the shots believed that Minaj damaged her reputation and career because of her celebrity feuds/ beefs and her “nasty attitude”.

Nicki is allegedly pissed off with the show for the above, but also because of Miley Cyrus’ recent involvement with the show.

Nicki has been said to be switching gears to focus more on her acting career at this point. The girl definitely can rap, but as for that acting….. um..idk dawg. She has been said to be pursuing mainstream and “non-urban” roles like ‘Oceans 8’ post her ‘Barbershop’ role.

At one time, Nicki Minaj was supposed to get her own show/ development, but rumor has it that the situation got shut down due to her brother’s rape scandal. If there’s any truth to that, that’s certainly unfair to the head Barb!.

Well, I certainly wish Nicki the best in all of her endeavors and expansion efforts, I just need the Nicki who used to really spit back!