Did Nicki Set Up Safaree? Did T.I. Shade Him Over Crying?


Safaree is the talk of the town over getting robbed, so how did T.I. and Nicki get mentioned?

(AllHipHop Rumors) DId Nicki Minaj set up Safaree? I know this is farfetched, because I don't think she is thinking about her ex. But, this is the rumor. Some sites are going in on Nicki. The reality is, the dude charged with setting up Saf is an old friend. Shawn Herewood is an former friend that has known Safaree since he was 14 - way before Nicki Minaj. As you know, Safaree was robbed at gunpoint and was so rattled he cried in front of the world.

T.I. is a cold don! Safaree got robbed at gunpoint recently and started crying on Angie Martinez's show. People had mixed feelings over it all, but Tip seemed to drop the ill bomb on Nicki's ex. Peep.

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Exactly! He makes some cool hits BUT the nigga had to snitch nothing else is feasible


not sure how to take it but TI also must have done some talking as no felon gets caught with that many guns(illegal) and gets off