DID O.T. Genasis Get Kicked Out Of The Kardashians' Holiday Party?


The guest list was way too long; they had to "Cut It".

By Trendspotter

I’m pretty sure we all saw the amazing Christmas party the Kardashians threw for the holiday this year. With the Kardashian siblings dressed in their all whites looking amazing, they all took to social media to share some of their holiday memories with the world.

Of course a party isn’t a party with a little drama thrown into the mix. Right?

Khloe Kardashian's best friend and ATL twin Malika Haqq showed up with the Cali rapper and boyfriend O.T. Genasis.

Rumors say he showed up to the party as a “Crip” Santa.

Dressed in blue from head to toe, Mama Kris Jenner allegedly said “No" as she did not want to worry about any gang issues with other guests of the party.

They allegedly gave him the option to change and come be apart of the festivities but he refused. His team also alleged that “he wasn’t down to wear one of Kanye’s Christmas sweaters with holes in them. Which didn’t make a bit of sense cause the party was full of fashion heads who pulled out their best looks.

I can only assume it’s safe to say that the Kardashian clan are definitely about that life. Well maybe just Khloe and Kylie.

Who would have ever known they’d have gang members brewing around them?

The party looked amazing as the decor told a beautiful Winter in Wonderland story.

Maybe all of this didn't truly happen, but it's funny and sounds totally believable. LOL!


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