Did Q From WorldStar Sell The Site Before He Died?


The Combat Jack Show is dope! Its considered the number one podcast by many, many people! AllHipHop was recently interviewed by Reggie Osse, the main host of the show.

by Houston Williams

(AllHipHop News) The conversation is an interesting one, which has ebbs and all that history. But. Well, in the interview with founders Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Grouchy Greg Watkins, there is a moment about Black-owned Hip-Hop media. There’s not a lot out there. So, WorldStarHipHop comes up in the conversation and many in the room are stunned at the alleged revelation that the site started by the recently departed “Q” may have sold the hugely popular Hip-Hop destination to somebody. The rumor is that “Q” would stay out there as the face and figure head of the brand. Nobody really knows who may have purchased the home of exclusives, ratchet vids and bo-bopping, but it seems to be O.P.P. now – other peoples property.

The Combat Jack show with AllHipHop is below.


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