Did R. Kelly's Fans Try To Pay To Get Him Out Of Jail?

R. Kelly has some loyal fans, because it seems like they want to help him prey on more kids!

(AllHipHop Rumors) R. Kelly sure has the most loyal fans and when I say loyal, I mean stupid! This man has multiple sex tapes out there and all of them are allegedly and reportedly with teen girls! And yet there is a contingency of people that don't believe it OR, even worse, continue to support him knowing he's a perverted bastard! The Cook County DA's office has reportedly been besieged with calls from women that are trying help get Kellz out of jail.


Lucky for them, R. Kelly has finally gotten out of the BING. He must have had to borrow the dough from somebody because he is broke, according to reports. His overseas tour was cancelled so he has not been able to rustle up any money. I told you all before that Kelly was broke and that is why he's got all these issues. He has been unable to pay anybody off. Without the money, it all CHAOS!

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Lastly, Kelly might be free now, but he may be back in the jail if he does not get at his ex-wife. He owes his ex more than $169,000 in unpaid child support and must pay or go back to jail.