Did Rick Ross Finesse Pusha- T and Lil Wayne Into Getting On The Same Track?

Reportedly, Rick Ross tricked Lil Wayne and Pusha-T into getting on the same track.

(AllHipHop Rumors) When the biggest boss that you seen this far, Rick Ross, seemed to pull off one of the greatest tricks of all-time by getting Pusha-T and Lil Wayne on the same track, that’s exactly what I was. It seems like Ross didn’t inform wither Pusha or Weezy that the other was going to be on the track! YIKES!!

Here’s the response from Ross:

“Last night I got to play a few joints for a few people and to me one of the most meaningful records is ‘Maybach Music VI,’” Rick Ross said on his Instagram story. “I wanted to make this sh*t special in a different way. Causing some great n*ggas to put what I consider some bullsh*t behind them. There’s a difference between having differences with n*ggas and wishing death upon n*ggas. We know what this is. To me these some dope a*s n*ggas that play football and scored some touchdowns and bumped into each other in the locker room after the game… I wanted this to spark their conversation of putting all that sh*t behind them because these n*ggas is legends.”

For those may not be in the know, Pusha-T and Weezy have been having a war of words years. Back in 2006, Lil Wayne was on the cover of Vibe magazine rocking some A Bathing Ape gear. The Clipse, were some of the first people to ever wear BAPE. After that, both MC’s dropped diss after diss targeting each other.

It’s seems like Ross is still holding out hope for a collaboration between the two. Ross said, “ “I would love to see my n*ggas shine again, together… And like I said, it may not happen on ‘Maybach Music VI,’ but I love my n*ggas anyway and it ain’t about that, it’s just about them n*ggas being great, living life, moving on.”

Close but not cigar!

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Pusha ain’t going for it....


that beat better be good cuz ross who i back has really fallen off since the heart attack and THE BEST SONG SANTORINI GREECE years ago