Did Rosenberg Agree With Joe Budden's Critique Of Eminem's Album?


Joe may have been right with his critique, but maybe he could've fell back a bit.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) For a retired emcee, Joe Budden has become one of Hip Hop's hottest commodities; not for his lyrics, but for his commentary.

Joe Budden has been making waves since starting his podcast and being a host of Everyday Struggle. The two shows led to Joe allegedly securing a deal with Revolt TV.

His opinions are honest, but their honestly ruffling feathers due to his honest critics. Musicians and artists are becoming frustrated with his opinions and taking offense.

This led to issues between him and Quality Control after he critiqued Lil Yachty. That later led to issues with the group Migos after they had a small disagreement on the BET Awards red carpet after an interview with the Everyday Struggle cast. Which further led to Migos dissing Joe by releasing their "Ice Tray" single featuring Lil Yachty.

As a member of the group Slaughterhouse it was expected that Joe would have good things to say about Eminem due to the group being signed to Em's Shady Records imprint.

To everyone's surprise Joe Budden did the opposite and offered a different opinion critiquing the album.

This led to this week's social media engagement between Bizarre of D-12 and Budden then later 50 Cent offering his opinion on the matter.

Yesterday, Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg took to radio to offer his opinion on the matter.

In a discussion with Ebro and Laura Styles, Rosenberg expressed his confusion after being asked by Laura.

"He probably didn't need to go that honest. You know what I'm saying. He's part of the team. Slaughterhouse is part of Shady.," said Peter Rosenberg. He continued, "I totally get it. I understand why at our job working at an independent radio station. We have no business with Eminem. Why we have to. Even if it's hard sometimes cuz we love the guy to say "hey that's not our favorite thing." But in the case of Joe doing Everyday Struggle. It's an entertainment show on Complex."

Joe Budden's insider opinions on Hip Hop have been both loved and hated. However, his opinions are respected. Which is why Hip Hop musicians have taken his voice seriously.

Do you think Joe Budden should tone down his opinions?


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Hip hop needs less yes men and more honest people. Maybe Hip hop wouldn't be in the state it is if it changed


and I'm not a Joe Budden fan but he's being honest & not a dick rider because that's his boss.


No! The album is trash!