Did Sauce Walka Get Arrested In NYC?

The NYPD may be at it again in the case of Sauce Walka.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The world of Hip-Hop is concerned. Texas favorite Sauce Walka is in New York and the city was/is excited. But as soon as they excitement started, we got word that there is cause for worry. We soon heard that Sauce might have been arrested by NYPD. There is a video floating around the internet that shows a lot of cops, a bunch of people in the community looking and somebody apparently Sauce Walka under the heat of the police. Check it out.

This happened yesterday. Now, nobody really knows what happened at this point, but we know the officers of the NYPD can be savage. But more importantly they are know to have established the infamous Hip-Hop police force. I am not sure if this is what we are dealing with, but I wouldn't/t be surprised if it was. Hopefully the homie is ok and not in any trouble. Being from out of town can be difficult in NYC.

They are starting up the #FreeSauceWalka but they may be early. We'll see.