Did Stevie J Take A Shot At Rick Ross?

What's going on with Stevie J & Rick Ross? Stevie J seemingly threw some subliminal shade Rozay's way.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Stevie J is no stranger to controversy, but many are wondering why he would be throwing shade at Rick Ross?!

Is there something I missed? Did Rozay use to mess with Joseline or something?

Anyway Stevie J was seen in a photo with three women, one who happens to be Rick Ross' artist, Just Brittany.

Stevie is always somewhere saying he's working with an artist, so it looked like it could be one of those "same place, same time" photos, or possibly hinting at a future collaboration.

A fan asked,

"Why is the first lady of MMG with #Dangerzone smh something ain't right."

Stevie J replied with,

"Big moves over here. No bitchassness. Real n-ggas only no fakes no phonies."

Wait a minute! Is Stevie implying that Rick Ross is phony and that the biggest bawse isn't making big moves on behalf of Just Brittany, or is Stevie just telling the fan to stop trying to play him?

Swipe below to check out the shade!

What are your thoughts?

Stevie is so talented, I wish he wasn't always involved in some drama. I wish he didn't ever go on reality TV either, but apparently this is who he really is, or a part of who he really is. Carry on!

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When I read Stevie j tweets online I get the feeling he in a hotel room or backstage at a concert looking in the mirror hyping himself up.its that much energy in Stevie j tweets.#carryon


Stevie j you a playa Rick ross can't produce and finesse like you...vice versa