Did Tekashi 69 Get A Girl Pregnant Before Going To Jail?

Tekashi may have a kid on the way....according to rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) WOW! Now that Tekashi 6ix9ine is in jail, we are hearing less and less from him. WELL HE'S IN JAIL, you might say to me. That's right, he is! He cannot cause nearly as much commotion in the bing. But he is causing some ruckus regardless! There is a bloody rumor that Tekashi got a girl pregnant right before going to jail. Now, it is my understanding that she is a stripper.


There is a second exotic dancer that now alleges that Tekashi knocked her up! They are BOTH vying for his riches, while he has something in the bank. MTO says, "MTO News confirmed that two dancers are claiming to be pregnant with Tekashi's baby. One of the dancers, a Latina from Brooklyn NY is claiming that she's 3 months pregnant. And the other, a Latina now living in Los Angeles is saying that she's 4 months along." 

They are saying he has a small fortune to take from. Some would consider that 1.5 million in the bank a small fortune, but it really ain't. First of all, the government has frozen those assets. Secondly, his lawyers are going to get as much of the money he may have. Thirdly, nobody has taken a paternity test yet. Tekashi better give them some of those rainbow colored locs so they can settle this mess! BUT, he has an album out and that money is legal so that may generate some paper, dun!

Right now, Tekashi is locked up on fed charges that may get him locked away for the very long time so these chicks have to move fast!

My dude is only 22.