Did The Ghost Violate Beyonce In Front Of Jay-Z? Hmmmm....


Omari Hardwick got very friendly with Beyonce...maybe too close!

(AllHipHop Rumors) What? Who gets to kiss Beyonce...not once, but twice?! NOBODY! I mean Jay-Z does, because that is her doting husband. Omari Hardwick, aka The Ghost from "Power", did the unthinkable. Take a look.

Yoooooooo...how are you going to take a pic with Jigga, and then double tap Beyonce on the cheek with a hug on the side? That's gangsta! Make no mistake about it, Ghost in real life is a happily married man. But, that gangster move? You would think he was trying to scoop Beyonce from Jay. We know that ain't happening.

Anyway, the internet is going in on Omari, for basically playing his character in real life. Now, there is a dark underside to it. Was Beyonce made uncomfortable in that quick moment? It is not clear, but it seemed so - for a second after the kiss happened. My dude Ghost came very close to Beyonce's lips too, which is what seemed to make it so nervous.

At any rate, I don't think Omari really had some creepy intent. I think he got caught up in looking cool and effortless and made a mistake. He's a human too and made the mistake of kissing the Queen twice.

The good thing is: Both Jay and B AND Omari the Overkisser won big at the NAACP Awards! That is what I love to hear! It is also awesome that they showed up to a BLACK awards show!

But still...

The perv in me wants to know...how it felt to hug and kiss Beyonce.

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Dude tried to kiss her on the lips the second kiss... SMH

Jay was in a tough position:

If Jay responds to dude and checks him, then Jay looks insecure and jealous.

If Jay lets it ride and does nothing, then Jay looks like a Cuckold who can't control his wanton slut wife...

Conclusion: You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't...


Hova must have felt so pained... he'll man up and act like nothing happened... and the kisser must have been Lost in wild thoughts