Did Things Get Heated Between Offset & This Blogger?

Fame is known to tell the truth, so did Offset really do this?!

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) What happens when you introduce a celebrity, who’s embroiled in several scandals at once, to a blogger who has video evidence of your wrongdoing and gives no f*cks?

Fee, from the legendary Fameolous blog, almost learned her lesson the hard way.

She holds in her possession the alleged video evidence of Offset allegedly having “relations” without his fiancée, Cardi B.

Allegedly, Offset and Fee made an agreement that she would not post the video as long as he paid a fair amount of hush money. Or maybe Offset contacted her offering to pay her in general to keep it a secret.

Well, somewhere during the interaction, something went left.

Shortly after the meet, Fee took to her social media accounts to post a picture of a stack full of cash and keys. In the caption, she alluded to Offset attempting to snatch her up, kidnap style, and she was only able to get away because she had a push-to-start ignition.

Yes….Offset tried to nab her keys! She copped herself a new pair of keys and exposed Offset for his mafia-style ways. While there is no surveillance evidence of the altercation, it’s safe to say that her word must hold weight.

I doubt that she would post something of this magnitude if it were a lie…defamation lawsuits are nothing to play with.

What are your thoughts?

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