Did This Transgender Woman Put Blac Youngsta On Blast?

A transgender woman by the name of BNell Williams is on Facebook claiming to have carried on some kind of relationship or “situationship” with rapper Blac Youngsta.

Photo via Blac Youngsta’s Instagram

Apparently the two met a few days ago and decided to spend some time together. We can’t confirm if anything went down between the two, but BNell did post a photo of her in the bed beside who she is claiming to be as Blac Youngsta. What are your thoughts? Do you think Blac just got caught up?

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Up Thuggin With Bae 󾭞 🏾󾌬󾆔 #BlaYoungsta #Heavy 󾓤󾓝 #IKNOWYALLBIGMAD 󾌫󾆔󾆔
Posted by BNell Williams on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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