Did Tokyo Toni Go Too Far When She Called Blac Chyna A "Rape Baby?"

The war of words between Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni got ugly recently.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) The feud between Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni has been heating up recently. This afternoon Chyna distanced herself from her mother.

Toni took to Instagram a few weeks ago seeking help with seeing her grandchildren. She reached out to Chyna's best friend Amber Rose for some assistance with getting through to her daughter.

Blac Chyna would go on to continue ignoring her mother. Tokyo Toni says she hasn't been allowed to see her grandchildren for years.

Frustrations would boil over once again after Tokyo Toni aired out her daughter. Toni would call Blac Chyna an "accident" and a "statutory rape baby."

Those are harsh words coming from a mother, but publicly Chyna has been handling things well. However, behind closed doors sources told Hollywood Life different.

According to their sources, Blac Chyna is devastated by her mothers words. "She hates that things are ugly between her and her mom," said the source.

Hopefully things will get better for the family. Only time will tell the true story of this saga.