Did Tyga Grab For A Gun In A Tiny Kerfuffle At Floyd Mayweather's Birthday Bash?

Tyga may or may not have tried to grab a gun in a simple kerfuffle at the club.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tyga is a little guy and security did not give him an respect at the 42nd birthday party for Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The rap dude got into something with somebody at the party in Hollywood and was eventually tossed out of the party. But security didn't just make him leave, they lifted him off of his feet and carried him out of the club. He claims that he was minding his own business when somebody came to him in an aggressive manner. Tyga was lifted off of his feet and carried out of the club.

Now, did he pull out a gun?

There are reports saying that Tyga went for the ratchet as he was pulled out of Jadelle’s club on Saturday night. Well, kinda. He basically did a nut maneuver and the press made the inference that he pulled out a gun. What he really did was "reached for" his bodyguard's hammer. Other reports have made no mention of the so-called gun situation at all.

Now, he may have tried, but the security guard effortlessly brushed off any attempt to get the gat.

This was a kerfuffle.

Here is what the rep for the club said:

“The video that has been shared in the press and in the media of Tyga being escorted out of the venue was unfortunate and troubling. Though we are unsure of what exactly caused the altercation, we are certain that Floyd Mayweather and TMT were not involved. Tyga had arrived to the venue around 12:30 am, just 10 minutes before being removed. Security took appropriate measures to deescalate the situation and to do what was in the best interest of everyone’s safety.”

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