Did Usher Pay Off His Herpes Accuser?

Usher might be out of his current situation but did he have to pay long bucks to do it?

(AllHipHop Rumors) This Usher situation is really getting weird. We heard the accusations and then we heard it was all unfounded. And we heard Usher was actually going to sue his accusers. Now, we are hearing that Usher may have actually paid the young lady a couple hefty stacks for her to go away. This is a classic cautionary tale. So many things to say. But here is the rumor. Apparently Usher paid $2 million for chick to go away and shut up. The only thing is…she ain’t shutting up. This is what makes very little sense and even feels as if she is lying. Typically, folks have major gag orders in place when they get paid off with such a massive amount of money.

Check below and weigh in.

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Show the statement with the deposit and then I'm sold.