Did Wack 100 Actually Apologize For Nipsey Hussle Comments?


Looks like real recognizes real! Wack 100 gets a scolding.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don't think I ever thought I would see the day that this would happen. But Wack 100 legit apologized for comments he made about Nipsey Hussle recently. He more or less said that Shitty Cuz did his job according to the rules of gang banging. That may be true or it may not be true, but it was definitely insensitive af! 

“Nipsey should have never been outside and stay in a rapper lane because that’s all he was. Nipsey was supposed to handle the situation when he told ‘Shitty’ that he’s snitching and if Nipsey was a real gangster he wouldn’t have allowed ‘Shitty Cuz’ go back to get the gun he killed him with.”

I guess those comments were not well received from the OG Crip that used to manage King Nip -  Big U! In my opinion, Big U is like a version of Wack 100, but on the other side. Big U actually does a lot of stuff in the community now. That said...he evoked something beyond good will in the hood with Wack 100.

But then this happened...a pump fake?

I am not sure if this is HIS way of making amends or if this is another shot. I am thinking this is a peace offering of sorts. Because he also posted a video of his artist The Game and Nip working together back in the day. Look at the caption and the video and tell me what you think. 

 I actually am clueless. 

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that nigga homies got killed after he made that video and that's when he realized he fucked up