Did Wack 100 Get Knocked Out By Nipsey's Bodyguard?


This is looking like a crazy end to a crazy year!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remember that time Suge Knight got knocked out? We did not think that was ever possible, because Suge was such a notorious figure in Hip-Hop. He was also one of the biggest men (literally and metaphorically) in the music game. Well, it happened. In 2019, Wack 100 is the closest thing we have to a Suge Knight with a modern-day swing. 

Well, the word on the street is that Wack 100 got knocked out last night! The word on the street is that Wack 100 got knocked out last night! One more time: the word on the street is that Wack 100 got knocked out last night! And it appears that he is the one that did it is Nipsey Hussle's former bodyguard! 

Check out the video:

In the video, Wack 100 basically admits that he was knocked out and he's trying to get back at him. Fortunately, the security force at the event, Rolling Loud, was on point and prevented escalation. Now, Wack says nothing happened, or that he didn't get knocked out. See that here:

Now, this is the standard protocol when you get paws put on you. Wack looks like he has some tough skin so, who knows! Also, it seems like somebody else sucker punched Wack when he was reeling. That is from other video showing the fracas. 


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This dude admitted in his own words "He knocked me out we gotta get at him." They tell him Wack chill he already gone, he left. He got knocked for certain he don't even know where he is lol... This Clown ass nigga need to get knocked he is too disrespectful. Talking about: Pac, Nip, Fase 100, T.I., etc. I knew he was a mark when he tried to earn stripes for sucka-punching Stitches, you punched a clown-ass weird white boy and you think that makes you tough (??) that was a weak move... Real street dudes wouldn't even entertain punching Stitches. If Wack was on the Yard doing that shitz real dudes would be on the "wish Factor" like I wish Wack would try that shitz on me... SMH... Short-Man Complex Having Ass Nigga...


Hey, I hope it happened & I hope it happens again. Ever since he emerged like a turd in a punchbowl, he's been literally asking for this type of energy. (Didn't he sucker punch that other retard Stitches?) Give him what he wants. This mouthy cunt gets an amazing amount of press for being a complete cock-smoker. (Serious question) Does he contribute anything to Hip Hop? or is he just Game's manager? Kinda fitting he's with Game though.