Did Whitney Houston Abandon Bobbi Kristina As A Child?

AllHipHop Staff

In a new documentary, a former friend is alleging Whitney Houston abandoned her child.

(AllHipHop Rumors)Whitney Houston is one of entertainment's greatest performers. However, her personal life will always overshadow her career.

Houston lived the party lifestyle according to numerous insiders, and a glimpse can be seen on Pusha-T's new album Daytona, which uses an image of her drug infested Miami bathroom as the cover art.

Three years after the tragic, untimely death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, a new tell-all is exposing what may be a bombshell accusation.

Pat Houston alludes, in a new documentary, that Houston left Baby Bobbi for a total of 8 years in the care of an old friend, Ellen “Aunt Bae” White.

White also added that Houston asked White to “bathe” her. While all of this is just “she say, she say”, it’s almost hard to believe the accusations in totality, considering that Houston regularly brought Bobbi Kris on stage with her during many live performances.

IF this is true, I’m certainly curious to know where this “Aunt Bae” had the time to care for Bobbi Kris in the midst of her many childhood red carpet appearances and photo ops with her parents.

Pat Houston also claimed that Bobbi Kris was depressed during her childhood and also used to cut herself. While I don’t deny this, in light of Bobby & Whitney’s drug use, it seems that they were very attentive parents on "Being Bobby Brown”.

It’s a shame that people will sell a story for a quick dollar only AFTER the people involved are no longer around to tell their own stories. Even fam will turn on you it seems...