Did YG Put The Thug In Him Aside To Win Kehlani Back?

Simone Grant

YG let the world know that even the hoodest n*ggas need love too!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Looks like YG is really trying to rekindle things with Kehlani after the “cheating” allegations.

Saturday night, Kehlani posted her bedroom filled with red rose petals and a big teddy bear laying across her bed. 

Kehlani never posted who did this big surprise for her, but the internet speculates the Compton rapper had something to do with this.

Last week, YG was going off on his Instagram story posting a sub to possibly Tory Lanez.

 Lanez posted a pic of him and Kehlani at the club causing everyone to wonder if they were a new item. Of course she had to shut those rumors down with a quick post saying, “because I keep seeing this. I’m addressing it. Absolutely not. We made a song for my album. I am single. And focused. Leave the rumors for poorly paid bloggers.”

Do you think this was YG’s doing and if so, is this a nice gesture?

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