Did Young Thug Just Threaten To Kill His His Ex?


Young Thug is not happy that his girlfriend won't come back to him,so he does the unconscionable.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Young Thug cheated and his ex-girlfriend Jerrika Karlae left him. I mean, Thugger tried to pressure her into coming back to him by using social media and other tactics to do so. Still she wasn’t feeling the dude and offered up her status on social media. She said, “I’m definitely back on the market tho” and the response that Thugger gave could very well have the laws knocking on his door.

In a not-so-well-thought-out statement, he said, “What market?? B!tch you goin die OnGod.” He did not include “to” in there so perhaps that’s a technical and legal loophole. Nevertheless, he would appear that Young Thug is not happy that his girl is unwilling to come back to him even though he was completely in the wrong. This seems to be pretty serious to me. When somebody says “On God,” you generally have to regard the statement as honest and real.