Did Young Thug’s Manager Get Caught Stealing Money?!


Uh oh! Word on the curb is that Young Thug had to cut ties with his manager Manny Halley.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently Manny has been ordered to cut all ties with Thugger after it was proven that he’d intentionally wrote a series of bad checks. He also allegedly forged the signature of an employee of Thug’s business manager, David Weise.

Oh my! Halley allegedly used Weise’s signature to sign a contract as well as attempted to run up thousands of dollars in charges on the employee’s personal credit card.

Weise, is pretty livid that Halley put David Weise and Associates, it’s employees, and Young Thug’s financial security in jeopardy.

Weise isn’t playing with Halley and has reportedly scheduled an appointment with the LAPD today to ensure that Halley be charged and rightfully punished. Click HERE to see Weise’s letter to Halley obtained by TheShadeRoom.