Diddy And Lori Harvey Go On A Date...With Steve Harvey!

Diddy and Lori are not confirmed but they certainly have a lot of smoke around their relationship!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am not of the same world as Diddy and Lori Harvey and Steve Harvey. I am a broken, broke writer that primary does rumors for a Hip-Hop website. That's what I am. However, I am looking at their situation and it's magical to me. Diddy, almost 50 is dating a 22 year old woman that used to date his son - allegedly! Now, that which was rumor is all facts now. According to The Shade Room, Diddy, Lori and Steve all linked up in Italy for lunch. Listen, I can barely get to Starbucks for lunch and these people are meeting overseas! Maybe they didn't think they would get seen. Well they did!

Here are the images.

Now, I heard that Justin Combs was there as well. We all heard Diddy's first born was no happy at all when Lori started dating ZADDY DIDDY. I would imagine he couldn't do anything, since Dad has the cash and the power in this matter. There's not a lot more to say here.


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