Diddy Stops Lizzos Easter Twerk-Fest!


Diddy tried to raise mad money for coronavirus and Lizzo tried to turn it into Freaknik!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ya'll know...I love everybody like Brother Love. But this is EASTER! (At least at the time of this writing!) And we love us some big bodied, lovely Lizzo! But, Lizzo can be tone deaf at times. She didn't catch the vibes Diddy was sending out all over the world today. He was trying to raise awareness for coronavirus and sending food to essential workers via DoorDash.

But, check out how it all went down.

Diddy's son's were dancing and prancing to the Lizzo song and then...BLOOP! Diddy had to jump in and say, "Keep it family friendly" on Resurrection Sunday, or Easter as you PAGANS call it! HE HAS ARISEN, NON-BELIEVERS! 

What do you say when one of the biggest stars in Wakanda tries to star TWERKING on your LIVE as you CLEARLY have a corporate sponsor like DoorDash?! You STOP THAT NINJA! Salute to Diddy....still a BOSS.

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Hey why everybody acting like he supposed to like something that he doesn't? If he don't like it he don't like it.


I’m glad diddy stop LIzzo from twerking nobody wants to see that