DJ Akademiks Fails At April Fools Joke, But Ads To 6ix 9ine Rumors


Leather, tattoos and April Fools in a small bathroom - hardrocks are getting weirder.

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know…the game is getting weirder and weirder. Back In my day…LOL…being weird was cool. It just meant you were different from the pack. It didn’t mean you were some kind of nut. Now, certainly it did for some people. But, generally they have been accepted. They still are.

But a recent April Fools joke fell completely flat. Here is what DJ Akademiks posted.

"I'm announcing that I'm leaving Everyday Struggle to pursue my true Passion of being a Mumble Rapper. I recently signed a $6.2 million deal with Atlantic Records. After having sleepless nights and crying my eyes out since Joe Budden left Everyday Struggle, I have to leave as well to follow my True Calling in life. Also copped a few tatts to make my decision final. Follow the Klues for my next move. Refer to me as Lil AK from now on.”

Was anybody fooled by this? I wasn’t for a single second in time, but I think some people got caught out there.

What is more jarring is he and Tekashi 69 in a bathroom together, which is one…”weird” sight to see. I am not sure I can think of a situation were a pair of men are posted up in a bathroom with their knees touching. IJS!!!!!! Damn. People are fooled by this.

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Y'all know Ak gay facts